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    Asad Khan

    With over a BILLION AED sales in luxury homes,   Asad Khan represents the finest estates across the country and is among the top luxury real estate agents in the UAE.

    Asad’s repertoire as the nation’s top agent is solidified by his investment in technology deployed in every aspect of his business process.

    When you want not just guidance but also insights, Asad helps you out with every single detail. His 9 years of experience in real estate not only across the UAE but globally helps one know the nitty-gritty of the market. Asad’s desire to learn more about the ever-changing scenario and address the same accordingly is what has made him one of the top trusted real estate expert in the market.

    His passion is what has made him what he is today, and his commitment to serving the best is something that the clients dream to have in their real estate executive. Not only that, but his smart work helps him tackle any kind of obstacle between him and his goal with utmost persistence.

    He stepped into the industry for his love for properties, and with hopes to make it big as he planned to successfully establish himself in Dubai.

    Before finding his true passion, he had another way of granting knowledge to the people around him.Asad was an Assistant Professor at a university in Pakistan and taught subjects related to Sales and Marketing.

    When you take a look at his achievements, the statistics amaze one for sure. He was the winner of the Tops Sales Achiever Award for the Highest Revenue Generator Team (UAE & International) for 4 consecutive years, i.e., from 2016 to 2019 with UAE’s top developers. Asad thinks his field helps him utilize his creativity, and that he could either wait for the opportunity or make the path for himself.

    He quotes, “I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.” With all he has got to know in these years, he believes that everyone working in the real estate industry should just be authentically themselves whilst having the heart to take risks because that is the key element in order to grow in the real estate industry.

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